Neal Ambrose-Smith
American, born 1966 [Salish/Kootenai]

Zanatta Editions and Neal Ambrose-Smith have collaborated formally on three published prints -- but Joe Zanatta Contemporary Art has represented the artist for almost two decades, showing the extensive and delightful body of graphic work produced by Ambrose-Smith in his own experimental studio, where works on paper often defy classification by traditional print-making categories, can be so overworked in crayon, ink and/or paint that one has to look hard to identify the printing technique beneath, and which may contain glow-in-the-dark material, require 3D glasses or have collage elements created by his children. These editioned prints, unique prints, drawings and artist’s books also carry observations from the artist, who looks at the world and sees its humor and crimes, and every notch of the spectrum in between. Coyote is his hero.

A broad selection of works on paper from Neal Ambrose-Smith’s studio is available from Zanatta Editions and Joe Zanatta Contemporary Art.

Please inquire as to current availability.

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