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Joe Zanatta Renee Stout
Renee Stout works on a monotype in a 2012 session at Hand Graphics in Santa Fe as Joe Zanatta looks on.
Joe Zanatta Douglas Bourgeois
Joe Zanatta and Douglas Bourgeois inspect the full edition of the 2015 release “Flambeau” in Bourgeois’ studio.
Joe Zanatta, Karsten Creightney and Barb Zanatta visit in Albuquerque.

A private dealer and publisher of fine art prints based in the metropolitan Kansas City suburb of Shawnee, Kansas, Zanatta Editions/Joe Zanatta Contemporary Art offers important editioned and unique works of art by a select group of historically significant American artists from the late 20th Century to the present.   

During the past twenty years, Zanatta Editions has collaborated with nationally-recognized artists to release nearly one hundred editioned works of art (prints, photographs and sculpture) and to produce an additional two hundred monotypes and uniquely painted prints.  Joe Zanatta Contemporary Art represents some of those same artists and several additional artists with an expanded art offering of drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Zanatta Editions develops projects with artists who have found unique voices in contemporary art, reflecting distinct ethnic, cultural and geographic backgrounds and interests. These artists are “distance runners” in a sometimes flippant art world, who create and exhibit important art year after year, some with careers that span four decades.

The primary goal of Zanatta Editions has always been to assist artists in creating something “special” – a significant editioned work of art that merits a place in public institutions as well as in private collections.  The first print release (undertaken as an “experiment” by an otherwise “book” publishing entity of Joe and Barb Zanatta) was Jaune Quick-To-See Smith’s 1996 “Survival” suite of four lithographs; it set a high bar for creativity, quality and significance and those prints are now in the collections of twenty museums.  Subsequent projects from William Christenberry, Renée Stout, Jacqueline Bishop, Emmi Whitehorse, Douglas Bourgeois, Karsten Creightney and others have demonstrated equal flair, quality and importance.

As a publisher that does not operate its own printing facility, Zanatta Editions utilizes contract printers and fabricators who are masters of their crafts and whose expertise best fits the ideas of each artist and the requirements of specific projects.  Printers Maurice Sanchez at New York City’s Derriere L’Etole Studios, Michael Costello at Santa Fe’s Hand Graphics, and Michael Sims of Lawrence Lithography Workshop in Kansas City are among those who have consistently delivered the highest quality works in creative collaboration with Zanatta Edition artists.  Kansas City’s Dolphin Archival Printing with printer John Hans serves as guide for the digital age, providing collaboration and production for photoworks and archival pigment prints.

Works from Zanatta Editions are now in the permanent collections of fifty museums in twenty-five states as well as in prestigious private collections throughout the U.S. and in Europe.  The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, holds the Zanatta Editions Archives, which includes one impression of each editioned work, samples of monotypes and uniquely painted prints, and project proofs.


Joe Barb Zanatta
Barb and Joe Zanatta tour Jacqueline Bishop’s neighborhood cemetery during a New Orleans morning walk. (photo by Jacqueline Bishop)
Joe Zanatta Jacqueline Bishop
Jacqueline Bishop and Joe Zanatta compare a 2015 monotype with its ghost impression in Bishop’s studio.
Karsten Creightney and Joe Zanatta inspect a “Roadside Gambler” proof.
Barb Zanatta watches as Renee Stout creates the colophon page for the "Ghosts" portfolio of monotypes during the 2012 sessions at Hand Graphics in Santa Fe.
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