New Releases

Zanatta Editions is pleased to announce 2019-2020 New Releases from Douglas Bourgeois, Karsten Creightney and Renee Stout.

Douglas Bourgeois created two new lithographs, “Tweet” and “Messenger” -- each print has been released as a black and white lithograph (edition 24) and as a unique print hand-colored by the artist (9 variants).  Karsten Creightney produced a five-color lithograph “12th & Resilience” (edition 38) utilizing photography, drawing, painting and scraping on plates to create this imaginary scene.  Renee Stout’s “Alchemy of Healing” has been released in two versions – a large (29 x 39”) eleven-color lithograph (edition 7) and a spray-painted version (13 variants) of that lithograph.

Renée Stout
Alchemy of Healing
Douglas Bourgeois
Douglas Bourgeois
Karsten Creightney
12th & Resilience
And Recent Inventory Additions

In addition to New Releases and work previously published by Zanatta Editions, Joe Zanatta Contemporary Art continues to offer unique works on paper and additional prints of interest. New to inventory in 2020 are some of the best works yet. Frederick Mershimer has produced three new stunning prints (small and inexpensive) – “Arcade” (an impressive first-ever drypoint), “Jewel Box” and “6th Street.” Neal Ambrose-Smith has created a delightful (and large at 19 x 39”) new three-color lithograph “Coyote Voodoo” and other new prints, monotypes and drawings. Added to inventory are impressions of two older and very strong prints by Jaune Quick-To-See Smith – “Cahokia” (1989, variant edition 20) and “Wasatch Winter” (2002, edition 75). Also added to inventory is the last-available impression of Renee Stout’s “See-Line Woman” – it’s a great nineteen-color screenprint, large (41 x 30”), and produced in a variant edition of 20 (also available is a graphite drawing of the same subject). These prints and other new works are available, including new pieces from Jacqueline Bishop, Karsten Creightney and Emmi Whitehorse.

Renée Stout
See-Line Woman
Juan Quick-To-See-Smith
Wasatch Winter
Neal Ambrose-Smith
Coyote Voodoo
Frederick Mershiimer
6th Street
Emmi Whitehorse
Ice Plant IX
Emmi Whitehorse
Rayless Golden Rod II
Emmi Whitehorse
Ice Plant XIV
Emmi Whitehorse
Ice Plant X
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